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2021年4月24日 新規 
The development of a new measure of English language learners’ attitudes towards English as a global language
講 師 : 船田 なつの先生(東京大学 大学総合教育研究センター・特任講師)
日 時 : 2021年6月12日 (土) 16:00-17:20
場 所 : オンライン(定員100名)
概 要 :

This session will describe questionnaire development based on a pilot study conducted by a group of Global Englishes researchers, including the presenter, to develop an attitude measure of the Global Englishes Orientation Questionnaire (GEO-Q) for investigating the attitude of English language learners towards English as a global language. In the study, a total of 204 learners, mostly in South Korea and Thailand, completed the preliminary version of the GEO-Q. Although the reliability and validity of the measure were confirmed, the measure did not capture detailed attitude dimensions, possibly due to the small sample size. The results of the study indicate that the preliminary version of the GEO-Q should be distributed to a larger sample. This session will include an overview of questionnaire surveys. Practical considerations involved in designing measures and the implications of instrument design choices for validity and reliability will be discussed.

Natsuno Funada is a Project Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo. She obtained her D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in Education from the University of Oxford. She is interested in developing a research tool to capture learners’ complex attitudes towards Global Englishes and exploring effective global approaches to language teaching in the 21st century.

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参加方法 : 事前申込制
問合せ先 : JACET関東支部事務局
2021年1月22日 新規

English Language Education in Universities during the New Era of Digital Transformation: Hybrid, HyFlex, and Face-to-face Learning
日時 : 2021年7月11日(日)9:00-18:40
場 所 : オンライン開催(Zoomを使用予定)
参加費 : 会員は無料、非会員は2,000円

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